“The most important thing in communication is what isn’t being said” – Peter Drucker, International Management Expert

Communicating well is more than just the words we speak. One of the most powerful elements of communication is body language. Although we may have learned to filter and control what we say, most of us have not learned to mask our body language. Our body language is generally something we do unconsciously which is why understanding body language is so useful and insightful when we are communicating. The better you become at reading body language the better you will become at communicating.

Learn to recognise what isn’t said.

Try this exercise
Go to the Psych Tests site and do their quiz to see how well you recognise body language in general.

How did you go? Don’t worry if you didn’t score as well as you would have liked. It is hard to read those tiny nuances. But? The good news is you can learn how to do this. And as you move through your career in the business world understanding body language can often give you a competitive edge. Try this quiz from The Guardian to see how well you read business body language.

Now… start paying more attention in your own life and begin to better understand what people are really saying to you!



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  • Facial expressions (Liz Bracken, @LizBrackenCSU)

    University of California, Berkley has an excellent test for you to practice recognising facial expressions. These quizzes also give terrific explanations and instructions as to what to look for when you’re reading body language.

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