To be productive, you need to be able to keep track of, and easily find all those wonderful resources that you will accumulate throughout your degree. Luckily, there are some great tools to help organise your work.

While there are a multitude of tools that allow you to pull together and publish information from various source, we’re going to suggest you have a go with Diigo – a bookmarking tool that allows you to tag and comment on individual resources and share with ‘groups’ who are interested in the same area.

diigoDiigo is cloud-based, which is particularly handy for those times when you’re not on your ‘main’ computer and you want to access sites that you use all the time. It’s also very user-friendly and easy to set up. It works by saving your links in a ‘library’ associated with your account, so you can easily retrieve them.

To complete this challenge, choose your tool of choice, access the ‘getting started’ guides, and add your first resources to your library. As you get started, make sure you explore how to use tags (to retrieve your resources) and browser extensions (to really speed up the process of adding resources to your library).

Prefer another tool? This article from Lifewire pulls together what they consider to be the current 10 best bookmarking tools on the web.

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  • how to manage resources (sneh, @snehpat98759581)

    Resources management is always been an important and challenging part of project management at workplace. In order to successfully manage the resources while working on a project or a particular task, it is really important to be up to date with the requirements of the task. resources should be provided according to the requirements. In some cases, resources management is poor and so that, in the middle of the project, the company runs out of resources. So, it is very… Read more »

  • Challenge (Umer Taimur, @umertaimur)

    Social Bookmarking is organizing, storing and sharing the values of findings on the web in order to refer back to them as and when necessary. After you save it online on bookmarking site, not on the computer browser or desktop you are able to handle the marked locations wherever you move. When you browse through the web and find an interesting article or Web site or online document that can be shared or marked books that are essentially social bookmarking… Read more »

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