Good design takes time and skill…some of us have it, some of us don’t. So what do you do if you find yourself in a situation where you need a well-designed image or graphic, FAST, but are still building your design skills?

There are a few web apps that are perfect for this kind of task. Two that are particularly useful are Canva and Adobe Spark. Both offer a range of preset templates (mostly but not solely for the most popular social networks, e.g. FaceBook, Twitter) and allow you to both upload your own images, or use their search engine to find free, Creative Commons images from within the app (a massive bonus!). They also offer free themes which you can customise, and pre-set styles to choose from that take the angst away from finding colour combinations and font / styles that work. You can download the image, or upload to the web. And importantly, there’s no ‘branding’ of the app on your image.

Both apps are super easy with a very short learning curve. Images and graphics take just a few minutes to develop, leaving you time to focus on the concept rather than agonising over fiddly design details. Adobe Spark also has options for slide-style videos and single, scrolling web pages that are useful, but those are for another challenge.

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  • key of employment (Pratika, @Pratikashrestha)

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