critical thinking in problem solving Response

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critical thinking is a very important factor in problem solving process. In any organisation, problem solving can be really challenging sometimes. In order to handle this process easily, a person should think about the problem critically. critical thinking is different than normal thinking. Unlink normal thinking, in critical thinking a person thinks about not only the problem but each aspect of it, understands the problem from different prospective, make a list of different solution, possible outcomes of implementing every solution… Read more »

how to manage resources Response

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Resources management is always been an important and challenging part of project management at workplace. In order to successfully manage the resources while working on a project or a particular task, it is really important to be up to date with the requirements of the task. resources should be provided according to the requirements. In some cases, resources management is poor and so that, in the middle of the project, the company runs out of resources. So, it is very… Read more »