employment processes are changing and employers are using new and innovative employment methods.what are they and why are they effective? Response

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Modern employment and recruiting processes have been effective in sense that they have been refined and now are in line with the modern societal changes and the globalized environment with the advent of social media. The employers can thus gain information through the social media presence of the individual, his beliefs, views, ideals and personality. Hiring processes have still kept some basic aspects of advertising thorough newspapers but it too has taken the social media route, they have twitter, LinkedIn… Read more »

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Social Bookmarking is organizing, storing and sharing the values of findings on the web in order to refer back to them as and when necessary. After you save it online on bookmarking site, not on the computer browser or desktop you are able to handle the marked locations wherever you move. When you browse through the web and find an interesting article or Web site or online document that can be shared or marked books that are essentially social bookmarking… Read more »

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The organization that I would like to work for is the Westpac working corporation one of the ‘’big four’’ banks in Australia. Westpac Banking Corporation provides various banking and financial services in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the Pacific region, and internationally. It operates through five divisions: Consumer Bank, Business Bank, BT Financial Group, Westpac Institutional Bank, and Westpac New Zealand. It serves individuals; micro, small, and medium enterprises; and commercial, corporate, institutional, and government customers. The company was formerly known… Read more »