In order to provide industry with graduates who are better equipped for the workplace as well as respond to demands by students for employability skills and knowledge, the Faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural Sciences have introduced work placements as part of the undergraduate Accounting and Business degrees.

Within the Bachelor of Business, students have an opportunity to undertake a work placement in each year of their degree. Placements grow in length (35 hours in year 1, 70 hours in year 2 and 120 hours in year 3), and in level of complexity over the course of the degree.

Within the Bachelor of Accounting, students will have the opportunity at the end of the second year of their degree to complete a 100 hour placement within a relevant organisation.

Through their placements, students progressively develop professional knowledge and an understanding of professional practice; employability skills such as communication, team work, and problem solving; and reflective practice skills enabling them to evaluate their own work practices while linking the theory of the classroom to practice in the workplace.