Personally, I’m all for trust and cooperation when it comes to communication because I believe it reduces conflict and makes everything easier. But is this a wise strategy? Is it different in our personal and business lives? What if you’re willing to trust and cooperate but the other party isn’t?

This next exercise is based on game theory which examines the roles of conflict and cooperation in decision-making assuming you are both rational (and smart) people.

So here’s the challenge!

Go to the Evolution of Trust game and see how you fare in terms of trust and cooperation. It’s a fun, easy and fascinating look at these characteristics and the results just might surprise you.

I’d encourage you to read more about the history and nuances of Game Theory later (see the Resources linked to this challenge). There’s lots of variations of Game Theory with an extremely popular version known as ‘Prisoner’s Dilemma’. Recently this theory has been used to explain Brexit and there’s plenty you can read online about it too if you’re interested.


Example for "Ever thought about the role of trust in communication?":

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  • Role of trust in Workplace (sneh, @snehpat98759581)

    Trust plays a  really important role in communication specially at workplace. Workplace environment should be very happy and safe. communicating in different and diverse cultured environment at workplace is very challenging sometimes but employees should learn to work in that.

2 Resources for this Challenge

  • The Prisoner's Dilemma – overview (Liz Bracken, @LizBrackenCSU)

    This Wikipedia article has an excellent overview of The Prisoner’s Dilemma and Game Theory.

  • The Prisoner's Dilemma (Liz Bracken, @LizBrackenCSU)

    In this video, Professor Geoffrey Sayre-McCord (UNC-Chapel Hill) explains the prisoner’s dilemma. The prisoner’s dilemma is a scenario where all parties making rational choices ensures a less desired result for each than if each actor had chosen individually less-preferred options.

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