Mind maps are a great way to unlock your creativity. Essentially mind maps are a visual way to organise your thoughts, do some brainstorming or planning and even make you more productive. Mind maps allow you to investigate lots of ideas quickly and then you end up with a visual overview of the problem.

The software mindmup is a free application that allows you to develop a mindmap (and it’s fun!).

There’s also an excellent tutorial to show you how to use the software.

What to do?
1. Go to mindmup
2. Pick a problem you would like to work on
3. Put that problem and write a word or upload an image that represents the problem in the central node
4. Build nodes from there!

Have fun 🙂



Example for "How can you be more creative???":

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  • employment processes are changing and employers are using new and innovative employment methods.what are they and why are they effective? (umer taimur, @umertaimur)

    Modern employment and recruiting processes have been effective in sense that they have been refined and now are in line with the modern societal changes and the globalized environment with the advent of social media. The employers can thus gain information through the social media presence of the individual, his beliefs, views, ideals and personality. Hiring processes have still kept some basic aspects of advertising thorough newspapers but it too has taken the social media route, they have twitter, LinkedIn… Read more »

  • critical thinking in problem solving (sneh, @snehpat98759581)

    critical thinking is a very important factor in problem solving process. In any organisation, problem solving can be really challenging sometimes. In order to handle this process easily, a person should think about the problem critically. critical thinking is different than normal thinking. Unlink normal thinking, in critical thinking a person thinks about not only the problem but each aspect of it, understands the problem from different prospective, make a list of different solution, possible outcomes of implementing every solution… Read more »

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  • IQMatrix blog (Liz Bracken, @LizBrackenCSU)

    If you’d like to read more on mind maps, the IQ Matrix blog has some very useful explanations and videos on what mind maps are, why they are useful and some rules for creating mind maps.

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