One of the common requests we have received in the workplace learning subjects is from students who want to improve their skills in image editing so that they can take their business publications to a whole new level. Many ask for support in learning Photoshop…which is fine for those with a budget for it. But what if you are on a student budget, but still want to look as professional as those with more to splash around?

Enter Pixlr…a free, web-based app that has the power of an advanced image editor but without the cost. So let’s get creative…choose an image that you’d like to edit for a report or business publication. If you don’t have one on hand, search through an image library that offers images under a Creative Commons licence, such as Pixabay. Open the Pixlr Editor app in a browser (that’s right, no download required), and use the tutorials in the Resources section to either:

  • resize or crop the image
  • use layers to add text or other images
  • use the magic wand and lasso to ‘cut out’ parts of your image

Example for "Make your images look more professional with Pixlr!":

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