It is important for any business to have up-to-date human resource policies and procedures. This challenge requires you to explore or update human resources policies and / or procedures in a business.

There are a range of areas where policies / procedures can be updated and / or explored. Some suggestions are:

  1. Job descriptions – these are important to ensure everyone understands what is required of them and in advertising for new positions. These are often not updated and do not reflect what is actually happening in the business. In some businesses they do not exist. They are also an important starting point for performance management.

Consult the resources attached to this challenge for assistance, as well as your human resource management textbooks.

  1. Performance management – this links very closely with job descriptions as it is the starting point for Key Performance Indicator development. Each person should have a set of goals that are congruent with the overall business goals. Ultimately the business strategy and vision is achieved by what each person contributes to this every day they are at work. It is important that these are crafted to work together and allow people to use their performance plan to help them make decisions about what are the most important things they should be doing every day. There are several levels that this could be addressed at depending on the size and sophistication of the business.
  • Does the business currently have a performance or employee review and development management system? If so then – you could review its effectiveness and understand how it is used, is it done according to the timelines expected? Do people use the results or is it something that sits in a drawer to be brought out once a year?
  • If the business does not have a process you could develop one.

Example for "Update or extend human resources policies / procedures":

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